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Is the pure save account a good option when saving money?

PureSave is an excellent choice if you want to start small (the opening deposit is R50) and you want your savings to be available for withdrawal at all times. It also allows you to add deposits of any amount whenever you want to and you can operate your account via our ATM netwrork as well as Internet banking. PureSave is a very easy way to save, its pays very competitive interest and you can avoid bank charges if you use it as a true savings account (your personal “moneybox”).


What is the craziest thing you have ever done with your money?
Spending your school fees/inheritance on partying and other silly things
Buying your girlfriend/boyfriend a car only to break up soon after.
Spending all your money trying to impress your friends.
Spending all your money on a "Get Rich Quick" scheme.
Going on a shopping spree with your new credit card.
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Vehicle Finance

Did you know that you can apply for vehicle or asset finance by completing our online application. It starts with Achiever banking.

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